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NSN Manufacturers CAGE Code Database by Page 29

Commercial and Government Entity Codes, otherwise known as just CAGE Codes like 1VNH4, 1VN18, 1VN13, 1VN02, 1VM80, are identifiers that are provided to authorized suppliers of government and defense agencies, allowing them to be standardized and identified with ease. On Internet For Aviation, we list any applicable CAGE Codes belonging to manufacturers, enabling customers to find exactly what they need with ease. Peruse our CAGE Code database at your leisure, or utilize our search engine to find a specific CAGE Code that you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Internet For Aviation is a website owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we are a premier supplier of NSN, aviation, and electronic parts that cater to a variety of applications. If there are items that you wish to purchase from our inventory, we invite you to fill out and submit an Instant RFQ today. Once received, a member of our staff will reach out to you in 15 minutes or less to provide a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

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1VNH4 1VN18 1VN13 1VN02 1VM80 1VL45 1VL38 1VL05
1VJU2 1VJT5 1VJB6 1VHR9 1VEL5 1VD86 1VD65 1VD61
1VCN7 1VBY9 1VBM8 1VBG8 1VAS5 1VA44 1V923 1V8H5
1V8G8 1V8E1 1V7Y4 1V7Q3 1V757 1V6U9 1V6F3 1V662
1V654 1V648 1V633 1V630 1V611 1V560 1V517 1V498
1V484 1V443 1V389 1V379 1V334 1V2Y9 1V2T8 1V211
1V1W6 1V1H7 1V192 1V176 1V101 1V0Q1 1V0P7 1V095
1UZ02 1UYV9 1UYV4 1UYK1 1UY33 1UXU8 1UXJ1 1UXF5
1UX99 1UWX4 1UWJ1 1UWD6 1UW16 1UVZ2 1UVW2 1UVT5
1UVK8 1UUH0 1UTG4 1UTD3 1UT74 1USL2 1US49 1US43
1URU2 1URT0 1UQL0 1UQK4 1UQJ4 1UPD8 1UP86 1UP15
1UNQ8 1UN95 1UN88 1UN40 1UN27 1UMK7 1ULF2 1ULC1
1UKX3 1UKV8 1UKR4 1UJL8 1UJK6 1UJC3 1UJ79 1UJ70
1UHX1 1UHL0 1UHB4 1UHA8 1UH41 1UH12 1UGW9 1UGS3
1UGP2 1UF60 1UE89 1UD11 1UB81 1UAZ0 1UAV8 1UAE7
1U965 1U933 1U8U6 1U896 1U7X9 1U7M4 1U7L5 1U7L0
1U794 1U777 1U749 1U746 1U710 1U696 1U671 1U666
1U621 1U601 1U5W2 1U548 1U4B5 1U474 1U3R2 1U3H8
1U3G3 1U3E8 1U339 1U305 1U2V5 1U2M9 1U1M9 1U1C6
1U1C3 1U0N7 1U0E6 1U067 1TZV3 1TY37 1TUY2 1TUU8
1TUK8 1TT21 1TS68 1TS27 1TQN0 1TQE9 1TPG3 1TNS3
1TNF3 1TNA6 1TN99 1TN58 1TMY5 1TLZ4 1TLW8 1TLP3
1TLH0 1TLC1 1THV8 1THV5 1THQ1 1TH76 1TGN9 1TGN3
1TGK4 1TGB8 1TFB1 1TEU4 1TEL4 1TE71 1TE30 1TDV4
1TDN2 1TCB3 1TC81 1TBW3 1TBR6 1TBP6 1TAX1 1T9Z5
1T9T6 1T9T3 1T9N7 1T9K5 1T987 1T943 1T8G7 1T8A8
1T844 1T7S2 1T765 1T6K7 1T674 1T618 1T602 1T5T4
1T581 1T566 1T549 1T4E6 1T428 1T422 1T3U6 1T3E2
1T299 1T296 1T252 1T1S8 1T1P0 1T1G9 1T1B2 1SZ12
1SYQ5 1SYB0 1SY54 1SWT0 1SWQ1 1SWJ4 1SW31 1SVU6
1SVP6 1SVE6 1SV90 1SUW1 1SUE9 1SUE5 1SUA7 1SU04
1STQ3 1STD8 1ST85 1ST47 1SRY1 1SRH3 1SR57 1SQM3
1SNR8 1SMU4 1SMB2 1SM95 1SM79 1SLS5 1SKF1 1SK21
1SJC3 1SJ92 1SJ80 1SHN6 1SHJ3 1SHA8 1SH55 1SGJ6
1SG29 1SG24 1SF58 1SF22 1SER6 1SEA6 1SE17 1SDY7
1SDY4 1SDV3 1SDK7 1SD77 1SCV4 1SCA4 1SC69 1SBW3
1SBL7 1SBK8 1SBH3 1SAF5 1S953 1S926 1S862 1S857
1S7W6 1S7F5 1S6L1 1S6F6 1S654 1S5X8 1S5U7 1S5G2
1S534 1S4V8 1S4T2 1S465 1S417 1S409 1S3R5 1S3G7
1S3F8 1S3F4 1S3E3 1S395 1S2Z3 1S2Q8 1S2F4 1S289
1S287 1S1W8 1S1Q8 1S1E1 1S157 1S0S8 1S0R6 1S0M7
1S0M3 1S023 1RZM1 1RZG3 1RYV6 1RY87 1RY62 1RXZ7
1RXW8 1RX69 1RWE7 1RVV2 1RVU0 1RVQ3 1RVN7 1RUZ5
1RQ04 1RPX9 1RPM0 1RPH2 1RPC3 1RNJ3 1RN40 1RN38
1RMW2 1RMP2 1RMK9 1RMB4 1RM19 1RL86 1RL84 1RKT3
1RK56 1RJF6 1RHB2 1RH23 1RGZ2 1RGT9 1RGF3 1RFY1
1RFX5 1RED2 1RE78 1RDZ1 1RDY2 1RDT0 1RCS4 1RCQ5
1RCK3 1RC86 1RBV2 1RBC4 1RBA3 1RB90 1RAZ9 1RA76
1R9V9 1R9J8 1R9D8 1R987 1R983 1R8Z3 1R8M6 1R8H8
1R8H6 1R816 1R813 1R7H6 1R7A4 1R789 1R769 1R6K1
1R6J1 1R6B2 1R633 1R5G2 1R5C8 1R524 1R513 1R4S8
1R4M9 1R4E4 1R3K1 1R3C2 1R2X5 1R2W7 1R1F1 1R0V3
1R0N6 1R0J1 1R0D2 1QZK3 1QYY2 1QYV5 1QYE6 1QYC9
1QY90 1QXJ9 1QXJ8 1QXD6 1QWS1 1QW17 1QVJ5 1QUF0
1QUD6 1QTP6 1QTP5 1QTD9 1QSP6 1QS08 1QRQ4 1QRJ3
1QR31 1QPK2 1QP52 1QP40 1QNZ3 1QNW6 1QNQ0 1QNM6
1QME2 1QLU8 1QLA8 1QL96 1QL85 1QK63 1QJN1 1QJK4
1QJ93 1QJ81 1QGG9 1QFZ7 1QFU4 1QFT5 1QFG3 1QDV5
1QCK7 1QCC1 1QCC0 1QBV1 1QB10 1QA97 1Q917 1Q8T8
1Q8P7 1Q8L7 1Q874 1Q842 1Q819 1Q7L8 1Q6U2 1Q684
1Q614 1Q601 1Q5L3 1Q540 1Q499 1Q458 1Q449 1Q3Z9
1Q3Z5 1Q282 1Q242 1Q235 1Q0C4 1Q0C1 1Q023 1PZZ2
1PZR2 1PZF3 1PYT8 1PYQ1 1PY15 1PXF0 1PWY2 1PWR4
1PWP4 1PWL4 1PW17 1PVF8 1PVC5 1PUN8 1PUD1 1PTU5
1PTE3 1PT32 1PSW3 1PQN7 1PQN5 1PQF4 1PQ32 1PNR4
1PNP7 1PNN8 1PND8 1PN61 1PN40 1PMV3 1PMK5 1PLV3
1PL57 1PL37 1PKZ0 1PKV9 1PKV5 1PK60 1PJC2 1PJA4
1PJ34 1PHQ9 1PHN1 1PHB9 1PGY5 1PGS9 1PGC0 1PFR1
1PFN4 1PF79 1PF34 1PDG6 1PD48 1PB87 1PB03 1PAW0
1PAM0 1PAF4 1P9Z9 1P9K9 1P916 1P8T5 1P816 1P787
1P763 1P704 1P703 1P6N2 1P6K2 1P678 1P650 1P642
1P640 1P627 1P624 1P5J8 1P555 1P4V7 1P448 1P442
1P423 1P3J4 1P394 1P346 1P322 1P230 1P1R3 1P175
1P113 1P0Y9 1P093 1NZW4 1NZL8 1NZ85 1NYJ9 1NYH3
1NXU8 1NX55 1NX00 1NWY2 1NVV8 1NUQ8 1NTS2 1NST1
1NSS0 1NSE4 1NS86 1NRU7 1NR09 1NQR4 1NQF6 1NQE5
1NQ76 1NPW9 1NPU4 1NPS7 1NPE1 1NP59 1NNN2 1NNN1
1NNH2 1NNE7 1NN28 1NMW6 1NLW9 1NKH7 1NJK8 1NJ14
1NHU5 1NHP0 1NHH8 1NH57 1NGH3 1NG83 1NG75 1NG36
1NF01 1NEX4 1NDX5 1NDU7 1NDQ3 1NBQ7 1NB39 1NAS7
1NA98 1NA24 1NA22 1N8X6 1N8T8 1N8S8 1N7Y5 1N7Y2
1N7V5 1N7B0 1N6M3 1N6F3 1N6B3 1N651 1N5X2 1N5S7
1N547 1N4S8 1N4P8 1N489 1N454 1N450 1N3T0 1N3C1
1N392 1N370 1N349 1N320 1N2V8 1N1R7 1N1A7 1N187
1N137 1N125 1N108 1N0X4 1N0L6 1N076 1MZY2 1MZ58
1MYP5 1MY97 1MY79 1MY11

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